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"Caroline Hendry works between painting and drawing, creating pictures in ink and wash which explore a nostalgia for the early days of the internet."- Susan Mansfield

My practice is currently interested in the personal experience of digital nostalgia and its co-relation to the domestic. When we think of the internet it is perceived as an overstimulating landscape of algorithms and labyrinths. However, when many think back to their childhood spent online it is viewed with a delicate softness that is not visible to the outside viewer. I am interested in conveying this softness through water-based mediums, building up the layers to achieve glimpses of my past. I often feel as if I am "drawing with paint", as my process is tonal and built up with layers, a common attribute of drawing. A large part of my practice is the collecting of physical and digital objects, which I incorporate into my work. The organisation and curation of these objects is a pivotal part to my practice and influences my compositions and subject matter. 

Education ♡

BA First Class Hons, Painting, Gray's        School of Art,                                            Robert Gordon University 

Exhibitions ♡

"Members Show" GENERATORProjects


"Few and Far Between" The Edinburgh Palette

Compass Gallery Summer Show 


Gray's School of Art Degree Show


"Interim Show" The Edinburgh Palette

"Figuratively Speaking" Claire Kidd,      online

"Postcards From Home" Aberdeen            Royal Infirmary, online

"Coming Home" Aberdeen Art Society,       online 

Aphrodite Club Night


Compass Gallery Emerging Artist Award

Media ♡

"IM A CREEP" Conversations with             Sophie Brown, online 

Gray's School of Art Covid Talk 

Press ♡

ARTMAG Issue 217

Gray's Degree Show 2022, Robert Gordon Univeristy Website 

Art reviews: Gray's School of Art Degree Show 2020 | Emergent


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